What’s for supper?

This is Uncle Bubba's "lite" recipe

This is Uncle Bubba’s “lite” recipe

Most say I sound a lot like Paula Deen.

Some say I even look a little like Paula Deen.

No one says I can cook like Paula Deen.

Which brings me to a point I have had to make more than once since relocating north of the Mason-Dixon line. Just because you grew up in the South or ever lived in the South does not guarantee you can cook.

I know. From a regional perspective, Southern food is considered by most to be the best. Period. And, well, I have to agree. After all, you hear folks talk about how much they love Southern sweet tea, or Southern fried chicken, but it is rare indeed you hear anyone talk about their love of Northern beans. #justsaying

True story. One day a colleague of mine asked me right out in front of everybody if she could have my cornbread recipe.

Cornbread recipe? Who needs a cornbread recipe when there are directions on the side of any bag of cornmeal? Directions are sort of like a recipe, right?

My children, all four of them, grew up healthy and wise due to the culinary talents of the likes of Mrs. Swanson, Uncle Ben, and Chef Boyardee.

So, to those who can cook and cook well, I say congratulations. To those like me,  Southern or not, who will surrender that precious can-opener only with our last breath, I say MORE POWER TO US, ya’ll!


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About barbarawmadden

I began teaching in 1981, but after a few years decided staying home with my children was what was best for my family. After almost 20 years raising four children, I returned to the classroom in 2005.

2 responses to “What’s for supper?”

  1. Nelda LeCroy says :

    Haha! You know I’m a Southern girl, and I must say I think our food is the best. I love to cook, and I have some specialties that people ask for all the time. It is time-consuming and mess-making, though. I tell people in an awesome cook and I have the thighs to prove it. See the downside? Your article cracks me up. Wonder how my family would act if I opened a can of chicken and dumplings one night?!! Lol

  2. barbarawmadden says :

    I have developed my Chicken and Dumplings skills over time, but they have yet to reach Grandma status. And, canned? NEVER!!

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