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It is about relationships, stupid!

You want to make the best and biggest impact you can as a teacher or you wouldn’t be in education.

You want your students to learn the curriculum so they do well in life and, yes, let’s face it, on any mandated testing.

You want to see your students successful and joyful and happy.

You want your colleagues to respect you and the work you do.

You want your classroom and curriculum to be relevant and rigorous so the most effective teaching and learning takes place.

None of these things will happen as they should without understanding the bottom line.

And to paraphrase an old ad campaign, the bottom line is about relationships, stupid.

No, you are not stupid.

You are busy.

You are stressed.

And you are probably just this side of overwhelmed.

Take a moment to smile.

Take a moment to say hello.

Take a moment to send an encouraging email or handwritten note.

Just take a moment…

It really is all about relationships, sweetie!