What would you put in your Classroom Bug Bag?

If you have ever watched the hit 70s television show M*A*S*H, then you probably understand what it means to BUG OUT!

When a FEMA representative spoke at a recent meeting I attended, he stressed the importance of having a Bug Bag for each family member as well as one in the trunk of each car. The list of contents for the Bug Bags is typical: basic first aid supplies, water, snacks, flashlight, a whistle, the bare necessities you might need in the event of an emergency.

Recently, an elementary school in my district was put on lockdown after gunshots were heard in the area  Fortunately, no student or staff member was ever in danger.

This event made me think about just how prepared I am as a teacher in the event a similar situation occurred near my school requiring a lockdown. So, I am considering building a Classroom Bug Bag for my room.

In the bag should be many of the items the FEMA rep suggested, but I think it should include few other items as well in the event of an extended lockdown. My current plan is to include a sandwich-size bag for each student that will contain tissue, hand wipes, hard candy, as well as pencil and paper.

The Classroom Bug Bag will also contain decks of cards, crossword puzzles and math puzzles to help keep us occupied if necessary.

I realize there is no way to plan for every emergency scenario, but this is a start at being prepared for something one hopes will never happen.

What would you want in your Classroom Bug Bag?


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About barbarawmadden

I began teaching in 1981, but after a few years decided staying home with my children was what was best for my family. After almost 20 years raising four children, I returned to the classroom in 2005.

2 responses to “BUG OUT!”

  1. Philip Cummings says :

    I have never really given this much thought. I have an “emergency backpack” in my room that has the bare essentials–a first aid kit, class rosters, a flashlight, and extra batteries for the flashlight. Now I’m thinking I need more. I like the idea of playing cards and puzzles, but I think I’m also going to add a school phone directory along with the other items you mentioned. Thanks for the push.

  2. barbarawmadden says :

    Thank you for your thoughts. I will your idea of the school phone directory.

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