The New Home


Thanks to my Mississippi realtor-friend Sheri Bryan for allowing me to use a picture from her Web site.

A story is told of a successful businessman who reached out to a friend to be part of his business and share in its prosperity. After many years together, their business ventures continued to prosper.

One day the successful businessman invited his friend for a working lunch to discuss a project, the building of a new home. During the lunch, he asked his friend’s opinion about the floor plan, décor and landscaping. As the meeting ended, he informed his friend that he would be taking time away from the business for a one-year cruise around the world and that while he was away he wanted his friend to oversee the building of the home. The businessman explained he wanted the home to be the finest ever built, one that would last for generations, and that no expense should be spared.

The businessman left on his cruise and the building project began. The friend, though, was unhappy he had been left to oversee the project while his friend traveled the world. So, in his dissatisfaction, he devised a plan to cut as many corners as possible and line his pockets his ill-gotten gains.

Throughout the building of the home shortcuts were taken, nothing obvious to the casual eye, but shortcuts nonetheless.  The friend took great satisfaction in skimping on the house and pocketing his friend’s money.

A year passed, the building project was completed and the businessman returned from his trip. The first thing the businessman wanted to do when he greeted his friend after a year away was to see the fine home that was built.

The businessman was amazed at the beauty of the home. It appeared to be everything he had imagined and more.  As he walked through the home, he praised his friend for his efforts over the past year.

“The home is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” said the businessman. “You have been a great friend to me.  For your loyal friendship I give you the keys to this home. It is yours, my friend.”



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I began teaching in 1981, but after a few years decided staying home with my children was what was best for my family. After almost 20 years raising four children, I returned to the classroom in 2005.

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