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Why I support Standards Based Grading

As a 17-year-old college freshman and first in my family to attend a four-year institution, I couldn’t have been any greener if I had tried. Physics was overwhelming. I preferred mathematics theory to the practical and found the transition daunting. With a D average going into finals week, I studied for days on end hoping for a B on the exam and maybe a C in the class.Β I ACED THE EXAM WITH AN A PLUS. When I received my grade card in the mail, my D had somehow become an A.

Being the forever-nerd I was and am to this day, I went to my physics professor to suggest he had miscalculated my final grade. In my mind an A-plus averaged with a D was no more than a C-plus or maybe B-minus. The professor assured me my grade was accurate by saying, “Anyone who can score an A on my exam deserves an A in my class.”

This story resonates with my parents and students. It has been a great motivator resulting in a 99% success rate with my geometry students over the past four years. I refuse to fail any student who genuinely wants to learn.