In education, perception and reality must be the same

that MADDENing teacher

As I write this, my younger son is visiting family where it snows. A lot. So, when he shared on Facebook about going snowshoeing with the family, I, having never been snowshoeing in my life, assumed he was wearing something like this:Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.14.24 PM

When I learned he was actually wearing something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.17.14 PM

it made me laugh and then think about the difference between perception and reality.

And as silly as it may seem to some, I then actually thought about my students and how perception is really what drives education. Of course, we want our students to be prepared for whatever their future holds, but if those of us who are in charge of that preparation are misinformed about what we are preparing them for, then we have a big problem. A really big problem.

I think educators are working hard to do the right thing by our students, but…

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About barbarawmadden

I began teaching in 1981, but after a few years decided staying home with my children was what was best for my family. After almost 20 years raising four children, I returned to the classroom in 2005.

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